Waterton Lakes National Park

It's no doubt that Waterton's greatest treasure is its natural beauty but Waterton offers a host of activities and amenities to make your stay an enjoyable one. From its world class hiking trails, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, scenery, and wildlife viewing opportunities to simply playing tennis beneath the majestic spires of the surrounding mountains... Waterton has fun for everyone!

Waterton maps, Waterton hiking trails, information on the Waterton Wildlife Weekend and Waterton Wild Flower Festival can all be found on www.experiencewaterton.com... Your full service Waterton info website, including Waterton’s only webcam.

Ceadar Walk
A photo of a stream over looking Waterton Valley
A photo of a Moose wading out of water
A photo of four women hiking Siyeh Pass
A photo winter setting in over Waterton Lake
Back country skiing in Waterton
A photo of a herd of Elk crossing the highway
Beautiful Red Rock Canyon